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My Safe Home is an online tool designed to help families detect dangers in their home and identify simple steps to fix them.

It uses 360-degree interactive technology to help explore all areas of a home.

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Use Generators Safely
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When your electricity goes out, generators can provide backup power to your home. If possible, install a permanent, automatic standby generator, which is the safest way to provide backup power. If you use a portable generator, always take it outside to run it; never indoors or in any indoor space, such as the garage. Always read your owner's manual thoroughly. Like any fuel-burning appliance, portable generators can give off a dangerous gas called carbon monoxide, or CO. Carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to death. You need a working carbon monoxide detector in your home to warn you if there is a CO problem.

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Winter Safety
Follow our advice to keep your family safe and warm this winter.
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